Michaël Lévy
Yuma Advisory

  • A Quantics Technologies Partner, Michaël Lévy plays an active role in product development. He has more than 25 years’ experience in the markets.
  • He has been in charge of the foreign exchange options desks of European banks (Société Générale, Commerzbank and Barclays) in London and New York. In 2001, he became hedge fund manager at Société Générale Asset Management Alternative Investments (SGAM AI). He was in charge of multi-strategy funds and was also exposed to alternative multi-management.
  • In 2009, he co-founded 360 Asset Managers, an asset management firm mainly dedicated to asset management advisers. He built long-only products, contributing his expertise in convertible bonds and derivatives. He was also in charge of multi-management. In each of his positions, he had a strong focus on volatility, correlation and risk unit issues, which are at the heart of Quantify.
  • He currently helps asset management companies and financial advisers develop their business. He thereby shares his expertise in management, allocation and hedging processes.
  • Michaël Lévy is a graduate of Ecole des Mines de Nancy and M.I.T. Sloan School of Management.

Jean-Pierre Pipaud
Pipaud & Partners

  • Jean-Pierre Pipaud, graduated from the Institut Technique de Banque (ITB), has a Master of Law (Business Affairs). His career is distinguished by a long way past within the banking and consulting sector (Crédit Agricole, Credit Mutuel, Deloitte) as a risk management controller and as an operations manager at UBS Warburg and in Nawest for a period of 10 years.
  • Jean-Pierre was CFO of Butler Capital Partners – a private equity boutique –  before joining Alteris as Chief Financial Officer and risk management specialist applied to asset management in this company specialized in consulting and financial software.
  • Jean-Pierre created an individual consulting firm in France (TG Conseil) before moving to Switzerland to pursue the same activity and create TCA Asset Management SA to focus on the development of financial and support services in two main disciplines (Wealth Management and Corporate Finance).
  • In mid 2016, Jean Pierre – further a spin off –   specialized in Corporate Finance services as an independent counsel. He joined Galini Capital Advisors in Brussels as a senior advisor in 2018.
  • In mid 2018, Jean Pierre started to represent Quantics Technologies solutions in Switzerland/Lichtenstein.