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Qualta® is our Business Intelligence tool. It is the fruit of our cutting edge expertise in mathematics applied to data mining, software development, and electronics. The idea behind Qualta® is to accelerate the understanding of complex issues by simulating the acquisition of experience through computing. Its originality lies in its fully agnostic data mining methodology, and in a powerful technological approach that consists in porting calculation algorithms onto FPGA programmable logic circuits. These circuits offer powerful computing capabilities that do not require energy-intensive computer clusters. Basically, Qualta® applies association rule learning to large volumes of data, enabling access to new knowledge across a broad spectrum of fields (banking/insurance, healthcare, industry, retail, etc.).

An Agnostic Tool

The solutions obtained by Qualta are not based on pre-established models. They are provided in the form of local association rule learning between variables. The solution is therefore entirely data-driven. Our methodology has non-restrictive properties: dataspace exploration is exhaustive, and we use a non-parametric approach.

A Wide Variety of Issues Covered

Qualta is a predictive tool. Its purpose is to obtain information enabling decision-making that improves enterprise performance. Applications include maintenance cost reduction, failure analysis in industrial systems, strategic marketing optimization, loan risk assessment, search for cause and effect relationships in medical/pharmaceutical data, and others yet to be imagined.

A User-Friendly Tool

In concrete terms, Qualta is an original software and hardware solution that integrates an analysis methodology for guiding decision making. The tool includes an innovative, proprietary algorithm that enables solving of problems with high combinatorial complexity. The algorithm is supported by a computing platform that boosts computing speed while sharply reducing the logistical and environmental cost of machine use. These algorithmic and hardware innovations are managed via user-friendly software that is generic enough to easily adapt to a wide range of industry issues.