Quantics Technologies is a France-based R&D firm that utilizes applied mathematics, IT and electronics in the fields of market finance and data exploration. We develop innovative algorithms and the software required to test and execute them in a wide variety of industry contexts. We are also pioneers in the implementation of algorithms and numerical methods on reprogrammable logic circuits such as FPGA.


Automated Portfolio


Machine Learning


Algorithmic Trading

We offer asset managers, professional advisers and financial institutions an original combination of technology and services in quantitative finance. SPOT, our proprietary system framework, allows us to quickly develop solutions dedicated to investment decision making, market order automation and execution, and portfolio monitoring and analysis. QUANTIFY is our exclusive SaaS and Web solution dedicated to quantitative portfolio allocation that uses mathematical models based on the latest academic research and enriched with the macro-economic forecasts of our financial analysts.

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QUALTA, our Big Data solution, is dedicated to multidimensional data analysis based on combinatorial searches for predictive purposes. By porting our original algorithms to FPGA, we have pushed back the computational limits, mitigated the need for energy-intensive computer clusters, and enabled processing in embedded systems. Our solution is based on a pluridisciplinary approach developed through an original combination of expertise: applied mathematics – more specifically data mining techniques – innovative software design, and electronic expertise in hardware acceleration on FPGA. We deliver an analysis methodology that is generic enough to value data strategically in a wide range of applications.

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Whether you are a fund manager or a consultant for existing funds managed by third parties, we offer financial asset management solutions based on the systematic and quantitative generation of investment decisions. The high-technology aspect of our work environment and the need to constantly enhance our quantitative methods requires us to dedicate a large share of our resources to R&D. Furthermore, our plug-and-play models running on our proprietary technology can significantly improve your own strategies. Our objective is to deliver consistant risk-adjusted returns over a wide range of market conditions, with a flexible risk profile, still providing a high liquidity for investors.

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The rise of the digitally augmented advisor

Enter the New Age of Portfolio Management
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Quantify à la Carte

Platform advanced features are available as RESTful services that are easy to integrate in interactive Web pages:

  • Stress Test & VaR
  • Portfolio Builder
  • Fund Statistics
  • Fund Ranker
  • Backtest

The RESTful services, available via a URL, return JSON objects that are easy to integrate in interactive Web pages.

High added-value content available 24/7 that can enrich any asset management front-office application.

Push & Publish Web Services

Push & Publish Web services for algo-based and discretionary portfolios:

  • Online portfolio management
  • Digital advisory
  • E-Banking

Quantify for Independent Financial Advisors (IFA)

Risk Profiles

Model Porfolios

Investment Universe (Funds & ETF)

Running Time (months)

Portfolio management automation opens up new business horizons

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Quantics Technologies received the FINANCE INNOVATION certification label for its QUALTA Machine Learning predictive technology at FIN&TECH COMMUNITY, which held its 8th edition on 12/12/2018 in Paris, at the Palais Brongniart. In the era of...

Introducing our new sales office in Paris

Quantics Technologies is increasing its presence in Paris with the establishment of its new sales office in the quarter of La Madeleine. <a href="https://twitter.com/share" class="twitter-share-button"{count}...


Quantics Technologies expands its technological offering with an online full web version of its automated portfolio management platform Quantify, in addition to the existing standalone (Win/Mac/Linux) and RESTful API versions. Users now have three different and...

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